As a spin-off of the already successful World Class Manufacturing training programme in Japan, the EU-Japan Centre is launching “Driving Competitiveness in the EU” targeting EU managers working with Lean, best practices and in the manufacturing division of their company, and looking for improvement of their company’s competitiveness.
This programme combines a visit in Europe to a manufacturing plant of an EU company implementing Japanese best practices and an “introduction to lean / becoming lean” lecture.
The visits are organised indipendently from each other and will be held at:
–          LEGO Systems A/S– Denmark’s world-famous toy manufacturer on 14-15 November 2013. (Deadline for applications: 11 Oct 2013)
–          Kostwein Maschinenbau GmbH – an Austrian machine and component manufacturer on 10-11 February 2014. (Deadline for applications: 06 Dec 2013)
For more details on the programme schedule and application form:
Or contact:
Alessandro Perna
+32 (0)2 282 0042