mAPP My Europe

Facilitate and Promote a Modern Access to Cultural Heritage

Cultural heritage represents the field that helps people discover their origins and history, it provides details on the evolution of social inclusion and the most important, it shapes one’s identity. Unfortunately, nowadays, this domain seems to be neglected, especially in some EU countries and communities, lacking institutions, NGOs and trained people that could develop its dimensions.

Therefore, acknowledging, preserving and promoting cultural heritage became a must. Above all, the development of some useful, interesting, modern educational tools and trainings is needed in order to raise young people’s interest in exploring and learning more about it.

Project Name
We designed mAPP my Europe as a complex 2-year project, implemented by 10 partners from: Romania, Bulgaria, Greece and Spain.

Project Aim
The aim of the project is to develop interesting tools for youngsters in order to facilitate and promote a modern access to cultural heritage education, stimulating their interest, with focus on the development of the project outputs: trainings for youth workers, mAPP – a smartphone app for youth tourism that will offer different attractive routes for young people, a website that will provide details on the project, an online Non-Formal Cultural Heritage Education Book for trainers and teachers interested in cultural heritage activities and monthly activities for the open public, Coolt Events.

The project seeks to involve various institutions, organisations, stakeholders, artists, youth workers, young people, experts from IT, architects, youth workers and teachers from different fields that have a connection with Cultural Heritage (history, art etc.).

mAPP my Europe fosters an active partnership between experts, teachers, youth workers, disadvantaged and young (aged 13-19), creative change-makers that are interested in cultural heritage, education, youth tourism, innovation and promotion. We chose this target group as we would like to give visibility to the perspective of young people on creating the itineraries for the phone app and to their decisions on what the most attractive routes in their regions are. Their participation will provide not only a great intercultural experience but also the development of some soft skills, improving language and digital abilities and at the same time having the opportunity to explore new domains such as volunteering, non-formal education, cultural heritage, art and entrepreneurship.

The mAPP My Europe project have planned six trainings for young people and youth trainers:

  • Non-formal Methods for Cultural Heritage Education – host organization Directorate in Kalamata, Greece
  • Regional Ambassadors – host organization CAJA in Granada, Spain
  • Cultural Entrepreneurship – host organization HEI in Constanta, Romania
  • Cultural Heritage in a Digital Era – host organization Unseen Pro in Varna, Bulgaria
  • Urban Art for Regional Legacy – host organization KANE in Kalamata, Greece
  • ARTCULT: Design and Creative Writing – host organization CELEI in Granada, Spain


Start date

End date

Project 2018-2-RO01-KA205-049892 mAPP My Europe
Funded by the Romanian National Agency of Erasmus+ Programme

Official website

Project Partners

The consortium implementing the mAPP My Europe project includes the following partners:

Asociatta Creative Human Development (Romania) / Lead Partner
The Association Creative Human Development is a nonprofit organization, founded in 2008, established in Constanta, Romania.

According to its Articles of Association, the goal of the association is to promote different educational and health programmes aiming to develop the full potential of children, teenagers and adults.

House of Education and Innovation (Romania)
As the name implies, the two pillars on which the House of Education and Innovation (HEI) bases its mission and work are “education” and “innovation,” two elements that we aim to blend together in order to promote creativity and implement an alternative way of education among people and especially among youth.

Asociatia ARCHE (Romania)
ARCHÉ Association was founded in 2012 with the aim of increasing public interest in cultural heritage – particularly in built heritage – and of promoting the knowledge, appreciation and protection of this highly complex and vulnerable resource.

Social Youth Development Civil nonprofit Society (Greece)
Social Youth Development KANE creates projects and structures for the youth,adults and vet learners to provide educational and training opportunities for young people and professionals and promote the value of education, non-formal education methods and training. The organisation aims at fighting discrimination, fostering intercultural and social development, and promote social inclusion and equality, particularly for young people.

Directorate of Secondary Education of Kalamata (Greece)
The Directorate of Secondary Education of Kalamata, DIDEM, in the Peloponnese Prefecture of south Greece is in charge of 69 schools with 900 teachers and 9000 students.

As an administration office, it employs 20 staff members and handles administrative and pedagogic issues of the schools under its supervision.

Regional Museum of History – Dobrich (Bulgaria)
Established in 1953 the Regional Museum of History has the mission to collect, investigate, maintain and present the cultural and historical heritage of Dobroudzha. With our rich collections (encompassing a period from the 6-th millenium B.C. to the modern times), our researches, original exhibitions, educational programs and happenings we provoke people to study, reconsider and re-evaluate their historic past.

Varna Economic Development Agency (Bulgaria)
Varna Economic Development Agency (VEDA) is a not-for-profit, non-governmental association, registered to operate in public benefit. It is located on the territory of Varna District in Bulgaria, East Europe.The agency was established in 1997 under the joint program of Varna Municipality and USAID to assist the advancement of regional economic development. Since 1998 VEDA is a member of the network of the Bulgarian Association of Regional Development Agencies and Business Centers (BARDA).


Unseen Pro Ltd. (Bulgaria)
Unseen Pro is a company, focused on the development of high quality web, mobile and desktop software solutions, based in Varna, Bulgaria and established in 2009 by Dimitar Atanasov and Hristian Mihov with a startup grant from project Technostart, financed by the Ministry of Economics with cooperation of the UN Program for developing of Bulgarian region.

CELEI Educación Internacional (Spain)
CELEI is an educational institution for teaching in the field of intercultural education with 35 years of experience designing customized study abroad programs. The organization contributes to the advancement of education in the world designing and implementing a broad range of educational programs that empower people and provide them with tools to develop global sensibility.

Fundacion CajaGranada (Spain)
Fundación CajaGranada´s activity collaborates with educational, cultural, social and enviromental development of Andalucía, reaffirming its commitment to society.

Latest Project News

Multiplier event for project mAPP My Europe
27 November 2019

  Multiplier event for project mAPP My Europe will take place in Varna – Frday, Noevember 28th, 2019. The projec is funded by Erasmus+ programme of EU. The agenda includes presentation of opportunities for young people with the Erasmus+ programme. During the event will be also presented ... Read
#CulturalHeritage #CulturalTourism #Erasmus+ #Youth

Cultural Heritage in a Digital Era
06 June 2019

  Last week the mAPP partner Unseen Pro Ltd, hosted three-day training on “Cultural Heritage in a Digital Era” in Varna, Bulgaria. More than 20 participants from 4 countries were involved and fully participating at all activities. With very favorable and sunny weather during the whole training, ... Read
#CulturalHeritage #e #Education #Erasmus+ #Trainers #Youth

Upcoming Training in Kalamata, Greece
07 January 2019

  Varna Economic Development Agency (VEDA) invites young people and youth trainers to take part in training, organized by project partners of the mAPP My Europe project with the financial support of the Romanian National Agency of Erasmus+. Read
#CulturalHeritage #Education #Erasmus+ #Trainers #Youth