Municipality Urban Cleaners (MUC)

Health and safety for better quality of life and well being

This project aims to improve health and safety of Municipality Urban Cleaners (MUC). The principal target group of the MUC-training for health project includes MUC workers and their representatives as well as supervisors and employers. In addition we aim to reach related researchers, scientists and policy makers.

The specific objectives are to:

  1. Develop an interactive training curriculum reflecting the specific needs of MUC and their supervisors

  2. Increase knowledge, skills and competencies in order to identify and control occupational hazards, motivate involvement and build ownership in safety culture

  3. Evaluate the efficiency of an innovative educational practice, in health and safety, tailor made for MUC.

  4. Establish communication channels for hazard reporting so workers know who to contact and how to prevent a potential accident

  5. Impact VET and educational systems in accommodating changes to academic curricula for health and safety professionals

Intellectual Outputs (IOs)

Intelectual Output 1
Conceptual framework – Health and Safety issues among Municipal Urban Cleaners (MUC) – our guide to the development of training.

Intellectual Output 2
Training curriculum methodology

Intelectual Output 3
Online training curriculum platform-Training for Occupational Health and Safety for Municipality Urban Cleaners

Intellectual Output 4
Guidance for VET providers and academic institutions

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Start date

End date

Project 2020-1-EL01-KA202-079057 – Municipality Urban Cleaners (MUC).
Funded by the Greek National Agency of Erasmus+ Programme

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Project Partners

The consortium implementing the Municipality Urban Cleaners project includes the following partners:

Athens Development and Destination Management Agency (Greece) / Lead Partner
The Athens Development and Destination Management Agency (ADDMA) supports Athens’ ongoing evolution as a contemporary European capital, by designing, planning and implementing a wide range of projects and actions throughout its metropolitan area.

ADDMA plays a pivotal role in supporting the City of Athens to deliver its ambitious 10-year strategic plan. This plan, known as The Athens Project, is responding to the challenging economic climate of recent years by focusing on the city’s human capital and the tradeables sector. In parallel, ADDMA implements actions addressing social cohesion and invests in measures promoting urban sustainability.

Institute of Preventive Medicine, Environmental & Occupational Health – Prolepsis (Greece)
The Institute of Preventive Medicine, Environmental and Occupational Health Prolepsis is a nongovernmental organization, active in the field of medical research, health promotion, environmental and occupational health since 1990.

The organization strongly support the belief that health is a fundamental, nonnegotiable and inalienable right for every human being.

Center for Social Innovation (Cyprus)
A team of professionals with over 50 years of collective experiences in the fields of Education, System Rationalization, Information & Communications Technologies, Entrepreneurship, Social Innovation, Global Health Process – Life Sciences, Business Forensic Intervention, Youth Development & Motivation, and Resource Realignment with Goals and Objectives.

Sakowska, Michalowska, Lyszkiewicz spolka jawna (Poland)
Startup company providing services in the area of book-keeping and health and social assistance.

Varna Economic Development Agency (Bulgaria)
Varna Economic Development Agency (VEDA) is a not-for-profit, non-governmental association, registered to operate in public benefit. It is located on the territory of Varna District in Bulgaria, East Europe.The agency was established in 1997 under the joint program of Varna Municipality and USAID to assist the advancement of regional economic development. Since 1998 VEDA is a member of the network of the Bulgarian Association of Regional Development Agencies and Business Centers (BARDA).

Municipality of ANDRANO (Italy)
Andrano is a town and comune in the province of Lecce in the Apulia region of south-east Italy. It’s located on 110m above sea level. The population of the municipality is around 5000 people.

Latest Project News

Development of a modern, tailored made training program in the context of the MUC-Training for Health European project
29 April 2022

Waste management helps to maintain cities clean and protects the environment as well as people from the spread of diseases. However, waste collecting, and municipal urban cleaning make employees in the municipality urban cleaning services susceptible to occupational diseases. Especially now more ... Read
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