Free 7-day training will be held in London, UK from 04th to 12th of December under the project „Entrepreneur’s Manual“. The project is funded by Erasmus+ programme, K1 – Youth Exchange where young people from 10 countries will take part of this exchange including Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Spain and Turkey.

About the Project
The objectives of the project are to identify common problems and lack in the knowledge of young people in each of the partner countries regarding business and especially starting their own business and then to develop a variety of training courses and workshops that will help young people gained the needed skills to start their own business.

By doing this we will be able to help young people in all the partner countries to gain the needed skills to start their own business and simultaneously help combat unemployment in the EU.

The project will address youth unemployment and methods to help young people overcome these problems by creating their own jobs based on their skills and education allowing them to properly measure the risks of starting a business and also evaluating their ability to be self-employed. There is a great need for projects like this within the EU an especially so in countries that have high youth unemployment and we believe the outcomes of the project will positively affect many young people in making the correct choices and assist them in starting their own careers and therefore overcoming unemployment.

Taking into account how the EU is a common market, we will explore, through intercultural dialogue, the trends and needs of a unified yet distinct EU. We will see how one market influences the other, and more specifically how culture can influence the success or failure of a business. We will see elements of active citizenship and how these affect our rights as citizens of the EU. We will see how inclusion, or exclusion affects the chances of young people to succeed in a very demanding labour market. We will give focus on EU tools available to young entrepreneurs to give them the push needed to start their own business or to give them the skills and competences to make the right decisions regarding their careers and their future.

The idea of the training course is to develop a manual as a final result with tips and guides on how to start a business that can be used by all young people interested in starting their own business.

The Venue
The training will be held in Gilwell Park, London, UK. The park is world famous place among the scout organizations and it’s a closed complex where young people can do various of activities. In event of good weather the participants will have outdoor activities.

Participation Terms
Up to 3 participants from each country will be selected for this youth exchange. Travel costs, food and accommodation are fully covered by the project. For better experience the candidates should be able to speak English. The full participation in all activities in this training is required!

The participants will initially cover their flight tickets and other travel expenses for reaching the training venue where accommodation and food(breakfast, lunch, dinner) will be provided from the host and lead organization of this project One Terrene International (OTI).

After the training ends and each national group report its travel costs, a 50% of that amount will be reimbursed. After approval of the final report of the project (usually about 6 months) the participants will be reimbursed with the rest 50% of the travel costs amount.

If you want to participate in this youth exchange please contact us with free-form text message. We’ll select only 3 candidates based on their skills and communication.