Richness of Danube forests and wood cultural heritage (tangible, intangible) – way towards sustainable green tourism embedded in European cultural route of Danube timber

The Danube Region is characterized by a unique richness of various forests of high ecological value still inhabiting a high biodiversity and providing numerous ecological services. At the same time the Danube Region holds also a rich cultural heritage and asset of traditional usage and application of local wood. However both assets in the Danube region are currently endangered to get lost, due to influences of anonymous global markets.This has several negative impacts, on the one hand it depretiates the rich cultural heritage across the DR and weakens the awareness and pride of it. On the other hand global markets have a negative impact on the natural resources and the opportunity of its sustainable valorisation, as they do not show responsibility for local resources together with a demand for a more limitied assortment of wood.

The project aims to change this and improve the frame conditions for a sustainable regional development based on the sustainable valorisation of the natural and cultural resources through a multi stakeholder process. This will be linked to the development of new ecotourism products and services as an important driving force and multiplier. Activities will include an inventory and mapping of the natural as well as cultural heritage related to forests and wood to raise awareness of the common assets of the Danube Region. The joint development of a common strategy as well as specific tools to foster a sustainable regional development combined with several regional action plans will increase the transnational colaboration between the different Danube countries. Pilot actions in the participating countries (e.g training, toolbox, crowfunding) quality intinirary of the route will practically implement the strategy. All activities will result in the initiation of a EGTC Danube Woods cultural route. This will provide a continuous platform for mutual learning, multual understanding, transnational colaboration and basis for connecting regional development.


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Project DRP0200569 – DANUBE WOOD(s)ROUTE
Funded by Funded by Interreg Programme Danube Region

Project Partners

The consortium implementing the DANUBE WOOD(s)ROUTE project includes the following partners:

Lead Partner

Business support center L.t.d.,Kranj

Institute for Sustainable Development

Holz von Hier nonprofit Ltd

Association of Parks in Bulgaria

Varna Economic Development Agency

WWF Romania Association

Regional Development Agency of the Pilsen Region

Regional Development Agency for Bjelasica, Komovi and Prokletije
Crna Gora

Croatian Wood Cluster

Hungarian Furniture and Wood Association

Regional development Agency of the Presov self-governing region

SMART Development Center Association

Danube competence center

Zlatibor Regional Development  

Sarajevo economic region development agency
Bosnia and Herzegovina

National park Kozara
Bosnia and Herzegovina

South Transdanubian Regional Innovation Agency

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Kick-off conference under the EU funded project with acronym DANUBE WOOD(s) ROUTE
19 April 2024

#KICK-OFF #DANUBE #WOOD(s) #ROUTE EVENTS Kick-off conference under the EU funded project with acronym DANUBE WOOD(s) ROUTE was held in Bled, Slovenia in April 2024 . The event included presentations of projects with good practices of tourist routes such as the Road of Women Writers, The Walk of ... Read

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