Boosting the full incorporation of the SDGs into the entrepreneurial teachings in Social Economy at VET level

The General objective

The general objective of the ETSE-Goals project is to promote an innovative approach for the full incorporation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into the entrepreneurial teachings in Social Economy which are offered at Vocational Education and Training (VET) level, as the educational sector is one of the main platforms for promoting entrepreneurship, with the final purpose of strengthening the social entrepreneurial ecosystem and its transforming power at European level.

Project Activities

1) Research on existing initiatives with proven impact on the implementation of SDGs in VET curricula;
2) Develop an innovative training package for VET trainers to incorporate SDGs in social economy subjects;
3) Adapt existing elearning platforms for networking and promotion of initiative;
4) Compile recommendation for stakeholders on SDGS at VET level.

Results and outcomes

1) Digital guide for stakeholders on the state of the art of the implementation of SDGs at VET level;
2) Collaborative platform for VET trainers and students to promote networking on social economy;
3) Training package on the implementation of SDGs in entrepreneurial subjects in social economy;
4) Report compiling policy recommendations for the full implementation of SDGs in social economy courses at VET level.

Work packages

n°1 Project Management
n°2 Research of the state-of-the-art of on the implementation of SDGs in educational curricula at VET level.
n°3 Implementation of an Innovative training package for VET trainers and a collaborative platform for stakeholders related to Social Economy projects .
n°4 Policy Recommendations to enhance the promotion of the full incorporation of SDGs into entrepreneurial teachings in Social Economy courses at VET level.
n°5 Dissemination and exploitation of results and sustainability.

Target Groups

The direct target group of the ETSE – Goals project are the trainers at VET level involved in the teaching of social economy or social entrepreneurship subject and complementary in other fields, who will be able to update their skillset to incorporate SDGs into their teaching raising their qualification and maximizing the impact of their work in student and other people.

The ETSE-Goals indirect target groups include:
• VET learners
• Young volunteers
• Educational institutions at different levels than VET
• Sustainable development stakeholders such as NGO’s, non-profit associations and experts
• Social economy entities, researchers and stakeholders
• Policymakers and institutions in general
• General public


Start date

End date

Agreement 2022-1-ES01-KA220-VET-000089258

ERASMUS+ PROGRAMME, KA220-VET – Cooperation partnerships in vocational education and training – 2022

Official website

Project Partners

The consortium implementing the ETSE-Goals project includes the following partners:

Coordination and Management

Asociación Andaluza de Centros de Enseñanza de la Economía Social
Spain /

Fundación Escuela Andaluza de Economía Social
Spain /

Varna EconomicDevelopment Agency
Bulgaria /

France /

Greece /

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