A session of the Regional Development Council of the Northeastern Region was held on 06.04.2017 in Varna. The Council comprises of representatives of 12 ministries, governors and representatives of municipalities from four districts of the Northeastern Region, and representatives of the organizations of employers and employees at national level.

To participate in the meeting with advisory vote on presentations and discussions related to Agenda were invited  the mayors of the municipalities of Varna, Aksakovo, Beloslav   and Devnya as well as  representatives of  the agencies and nonprofit organizations for economic development from the four districts of the Northeastern region, including the  director of Varna Economic Development Agency – partner in the NETWORLD project.

The meeting was opened and led by Mr. Todor Yotov – District Governor of the administrative center of Varna. Council Secretary Ms. Petya Nesterova presented an overview on the number of grant contracts for 2016 signed under the operational programs 2014-2020 , their  implementation and impact in the region. She reported also on number of projects in the region, for which were granted  funding under the Programmes for European Territorial Cooperation. Ms. Nesterov presented information about Danube Transnational Programme  and the number of beneficiaries in the Northeastern Region. She informed the Council members that the implementation of projects under the program started in early 2017,  and there will  be further evaluation of the Programme  impact on economic development of the region. It was reported that the projects under the programs for 2014-2020, financed by the ESIF contribute to overcoming intra-regional and inter-regional differences and the overall balanced and sustainable development of the area.

More information about Danube Transnational Programme can be seen from the programme web-site  and  for the project with the acronym NETWORLD – from the  project web – page