Seven-day business training took place from 04th to 12th December in Gilwell Park, London, UK. The project called “Entrepreneur’s Manual” where VEDA is a partner, was funded by Erasmus+ programme, K1 – Youth Exchange. The host organization and lead partner of the project is One Terrene International (OTI).

The project will address youth unemployment and methods to help young people overcome these problems by creating their own jobs based on their skills and education allowing them to properly measure the risks of starting a business and also evaluating their ability to be self-employed. There is a great need for projects like this within the EU an especially so in countries that have high youth unemployment and we believe the outcomes of the project will positively affect many young people in making the correct choices and assist them in starting their own careers and therefore overcoming unemployment.

Young people from 10 countries took part in this project including Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Spain and Turkey.