As part of the activities planned under the project TeamMate 360 ​​to assess the skills of managers of virtual teams (i.e. working  from distance) it was developed a scale during the January-March  2017, which describes the six core skills. These core skills include: Team Planning, Team Leadership, Team Communication, Working as a Team, Team Performance and Exploiting Technology. Each Core Skill has a set of four Specific Skills making a set of 24 Specific Skills. Each Specific Skill comprises a set of three behaviours, hence there are 72 behaviours that will be included and observed under the assessment.

The diagnostic assessment is based on the frequency that a Virtual Team Leader/Manager (VTL/M) demonstrates each  behaviour using a Likert scale . The assessment survey will be completed by the VTL/M and members of their team  at the next stage of the project implementation.   The resultant analysis will include a narrative report for each Core and Specific Skill and a set of 24 development suggestions.

 The Core Skills, Specific Skills and the behaviour statements are based on a review of the most recent research papers undertaken by the TeamMate Partners. They are also based upon the current UK National Occupational Standards and the Chartered Management Institute professional qualifications in Management and Leadership.

 Team leaders and team members – working remotely,  can express their interest to join the project and  to conduct a diagnostic evaluation within their  teams.

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